Who am I

LUISA's journey

Luisa decided to take on a new challenge by setting up her own business.

After working for a decade at the reception of the Pestalozzi Hotel in Lugano, she left for a stay in Australia. She was originally scheduled to stay 3 months to study English, but in truth she stayed there for more than a year.

Upon returning to Ticino, he began working at Campofelice Camp in Tenero. First in reception and then in the store.

Since this was a seasonal job, during the remaining months he did not have to be bored. In fact, during the months leading up to the holidays she worked as an auxiliary at Migros.

January and February still remain to complete the year. So here his great passion was born: volunteering in Africa.

Back in 2006 he began his humanitarian adventure in Kenya: first with the ATKYE association and then in 2013 he founded his own small association called LUMO RAFIKI.

Every year he travels to Watamu. The first stays were 3-4 weeks, then about 2 months.

In mid-January 2020 she left again for Kenya convinced that in March 2020 she would return and immediately begin her new adventure.

Due to Covid and airport closures in Kenya, it instead remains stuck in Africa until July!

After 6 months in Africa, it takes a moment to readjust…

On December 18, 2020, he officially opens his new store, TI-Shop DA LUiSA.

At TI-Shop DA LUISA you can find many typical products from Ticino or otherwise produced in Ticino. Cookies, macaroons, panettone, chocolate, creams, flours, beers, wine, honey, coffee and more

First a treat for the eye and then for the palate. Our canton really offers so much and is also very generous with the goodness of its products. Staying in the area you can find a plethora of 0-kilometer delicacies.

At TI-Shop DA LUISA you will find a wide selection of products that are eco-friendly and created from natural materials such as wood, bambus, cotton, and beeswax. Choosing detergents on tap to help save our planet.

For younger children, there are various objects constructed from bamboo, wood, and cork.

Bracelets, flip-flops, sarongs, and items made of both wood and soapstone are all sourced directly from Kenya. All handmade by local artisans. Purchasing this commodity also helps the Kenyan economy.

A part of the store is reserved for clothes, bags, backpacks, second-hand items. In this case all proceeds go to charity, benefiting the LUMO RAFIKI Association.